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Dress Code

Dress Code at Christian Academy of the Cumberlands

Dress Code for all Students K Through 12th Grade

Effective 2022-2023

Dress Code for All Students K through 12th Grade
The following dress code must be worn at school or on field trips except on designated dress up days.

MONDAY (Chapel Day K-6th)
Friday (Chapel Day 7th-12th)

Chapel dress code will be observed on Mondays or Fridays depending on the grade. If school is not in session Monday, chapel will be held on Tuesday (K-6th) and if school is not in session on Friday (7th-12th), chapel will be held on Thursday. Students must wear:

Shirt: royal blue or white polo on their designated chapel day

Shorts (no shorter than 4 inches above the knee), pants, or skirt or skort (no shorter than 2 inches above the knee): khaki or tan bottoms.

Students who do not follow the Dress Code will be asked to change clothes or remove accessories. If the student does not have appropriate alternative clothing at school, it may be necessary for parents to bring appropriate attire or to accompany students home to change. The school may also provide appropriate clean clothing if necessary and available. Repeated Dress Code infractions may result in additional consequences.


The following dress code must be worn at school on these days (except on designated dress up days):

Bottoms (All):

  • Dress Pants/capris: any color or print
  • Jeans: no rips that show skin (Jeggings must follow below rules for leggings)
  • Shorts: no shorter than 4 inches above the knee (any color or print)

Bottoms (Girls):

  • Dresses, Jumpers, Skirts, and Skorts must be no shorter than 2 inches above knee
  • Leggings: Must have a tunic, dress, or skirt/skort/shorts that follow longest finger rule.

Longest finger rule: If the arm and hand is extended down the leg, then the material should be longer than the longest finger stretched out.


  • Any color polo or button down dress shirt (Must be buttoned to reflect appropriate modesty)
  • Round neck shirts or sweaters may be worn (Refrain from skulls or any non-Christ like images)
  • Hoodies and crewneck sweatshirts may be worn over an approved CAC Dress Code shirt other than Mondays (Refrain any non-Christ like images)


  • Sandals, dress shoes, athletic shoes, and boots

No flip-flops for students on playgrounds.

In P.E. class, students must have athletic shoes.

Students shall dress and be groomed in a clean, neat and modest manner so as not to distract or interfere with the educational process or cause a safety hazard. Students must adhere to the provisions of this code during school days and hours (whether on or off campus) and while in attendance at school-sponsored events. Even on casual days, such as Casual Fridays, modesty, and neatness will be required.

General Guidelines

The following rules shall be enforced for all students:

  • Shirts must not be v- cut or low cut. Modesty must prevail.
  • Pant legs must not drag on the floor.
  • Gloves may not be worn in the building.
  • Shirts must fit and cover undergarments and straps. Sleeveless shirts must not expose undergarments, straps, or skin below the armpit. Tank tops are not appropriate by themselves.
  • If shoes are designed for laces, they are to be worn with appropriately tied laces.
  • Shoes with wheels, roller blades, or skating shoes of any kind are NOT permitted.
  • Boy’s hair length must not be lower than the bottom of their collar. Student’s hair should not be in their eyes or distracting from learning.
  • No extreme hair color, extreme hairstyle, extreme makeup, extreme jewelry, tattoos. Contrasting hair colors must be a natural hair color.
  • No tinted glasses or sunglasses in the building unless prescribed by a doctor.
  • No piercing are permitted (boys or girls) other than earrings for girls.
  • No facial hair is permitted.
  • No ungodly images or graphics on anything brought to school (ex. Backpacks/ lunch boxes).
  • No billed or brimmed hats in the school building, except on specially designated days.
  • No pajama type items may be worn at school except on designated dress-up days (ex. pillows, blankets, snuggies, etc.).
  • Students may not leave their sweatshirt or coat hoods up while in the school building.
  • No other area school’s logos, names, or mascots are allowed on any clothing or accessories other than CAC.
  • No holes or rips in clothing.
  • Clothing must be the appropriate size and fitting.
  • No writing or images on the backside of pants are permitted.

Discipline for Dress Code Violations:

1st offense: Action must be made to correct violation before being admitted to class. Warning in file

2nd offense: Parent must be called to correct violation before being admitted to class. Detention or work duty will be assigned.

3rd offense: Action must be made to correct the violation before being admitted to class. Detention or work duty will be assigned and a parent meeting will be scheduled.

Print The CAC Dress Code  Print the CAC Dress Code.


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