Faculty & Staff

Faculty at Christian Academy of the Cumberlands
The Christian Academy of the Cumberlands is a Member of the Association of Christian Schools International accreditation agency.  CAC follows all of ACSI's regulations for teacher certification including being certified in their subject area.

Principal: Darci Bernabei, dbernabei@cacknights.com

Bookkeeper: Kelly DeChristofaro, kelly@cacknights.com

Secretary: Amanda Dearmon, adearmon@cacknights.com

Kindergarten: Beth Mullens, bmullens@cacknights.com

1st: Marsha Phipps, mphipps@cacknights.com
Jill Noud (Reading/Language Arts), jnoud@cacknights.com

2nd: Courtney Blaylock, cblaylock@cacknights.com

3rd/4th: Angie Morgan, amorgan@cacknights.com
Ali Cecil, acecil@cacknights.com
Danielle Davis (Assistant), ddavis@cacknights.com

5th/6th: Krista Snelling, ksnelling@cacknights.com
Cynthia Stripling, cstripling@cacknights.com

7th/8th: Linda Dunaway, ldunaway@cacknights.com
Cynthia Stripling, cstripling@cacknights.com

High School: Melissa Beaty, mbeaty@cacknights.com
Mary Ann Kotus, mkotus@cacknights.com
Richard Davis, rdavis@cacknights.com
James Gibson (Volunteer), jgibson@cacknights.com

Music: Olivia Mathis, omathis@cacknights.com

Computer: Ron Slone, rslone@cacknight.com

Crafts/Home Economics: Lori Cole, lbranstetter@cacknights.com

P.E.: Teresa Frey, tfrey@cacknights.com

Library/Art: Tiffany Melton, tmelton@cacknights.com

Preschool Director: Melynda McElroy, mmcelroy@cacknights.com

1-year-olds: Pam Flynn, pflynn@cacknights.com
Kellyn Capps (Assistant), kcapps@cacknights.com

2-year-olds: Kendra Ricker, kricker@cacknights.com
Ashleigh Human, ahuman@cacknights.com
Timberly Gibson (Assistant), tgibson@cacknights.com

3-year-olds: Arriana Duke, aduke@cacknights.com
Nichole Jones, njones@cacknights.com

4-year-olds (A): Laurie Kersey, lkersey@cacknights.com
Betty Parris (Assistant), bparris@cacknights.com

4-year-olds (B): Sarah Snell, ssnell@cacknights.com
LeAnn Verstynen (Assistant), lverstynen@cacknights.com

Pre-K Assistant: Baylee Vertner, bvertner@cacknights.com

Aftercare: Destaney Hull, dhull@cacknights.com

Christian Academy of the Cumberlands
325 Braun Street
Crossville, TN 38555
(931) 707-9540

Our Philosophy

We believe educating the whole child necessitates three important forces in the child’s life: a Christ-centered home, church, and school. The working together of all three of these provides a much greater assurance of rearing up young men and women who will make a positive impact and difference in our world for Christ. We believe education is a partnership. Students function best when there is consistency between the home, church, and school. Therefore, it is our role to be an extension of your home and church (Deuteronomy 6:6-7 & Ephesians 6:4).