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Frequently Asked Questions at Christian Academy of the Cumberlands
Browse below for answers to some of our most asked questions.

Is your school nondenominational?
Yes, we do not teach any secondary doctrine or promote any particular denomination. See our Statement of Faith.

Do you have financial assistance?
Yes, limited financial assistance is available. The application process includes filling out an independent needs assessment.

Do you have a discount for families with multiple children?
Yes, we do have a multi-child discount. See our Tuition Schedule.

What accreditation agency are you working with?
We are seeking accreditation through Association of Christian Schools International which is an approved accrediting agency in the state of Tennessee. We are currently a Category IV member school of ACSI.

Can my child get accepted into a college after graduating from your school?
Yes, definitely. Of course, your child's G.P.A. and ACT scores must be average or above as with any child trying to enter college. Your child can even apply for most if not all scholarships that are available through public schools.

Do your students wear uniforms?
No, but we do have a dress code.

Are your teachers certified and degreed?
Yes, certainly. We follow all of ACSI's regulations for teacher certification including being certified in their subject area. We strive to acquire certified teachers, however, some are in the process of certification.

Do you have small or large class sizes?
We have a low student to teacher ratios and the number varies on the age of the student.

Do you have any openings?
At this time we have some openings remaining. Call the school office to check to see if there is an opening in your child's grade.

Do you have a fine arts program?
Yes, we offer art and music.

Does your school have athletic programs?
Yes, we have basketball, cheerleading, and cross country. Visit our Athletics page for more information.

Do you offer clubs?
Yes, we have 4-H Club and Beta Club.

Do you have extended day programs?
Yes, for an additional fee, we provide after-school care.

Do you serve hot meals?
Yes, we have hot lunches available.

What are you waiting on?
Call and enroll your student now!!! OR you can print the application right off our website.


Christian Academy of the Cumberlands
325 Braun Street
Crossville, TN 38555
(931) 707-9540

Our Philosophy

We believe educating the whole child necessitates three important forces in the child’s life: a Christ-centered home, church, and school. The working together of all three of these provides a much greater assurance of rearing up young men and women who will make a positive impact and difference in our world for Christ. We believe education is a partnership. Students function best when there is consistency between the home, church, and school. Therefore, it is our role to be an extension of your home and church (Deuteronomy 6:6-7 & Ephesians 6:4).

We are committed to ADA compliance. Read our accessibility statement